Three Things Sales Recruiters Look For In New Hires

Sales people

You would think that hiring sales people is easy. After all, aren’t sales jobs highly coveted? That part, at least, is true. Sales jobs are very sought after by many individuals for a number of reasons. For one thing, sales jobs are often incentive- or commission-based. This means that rather than receiving a set salary, many sales people receive a base salary, and on top of that, commission from what they sell. For motivated people, this could mean a lot of money, as well as incentives like raises and in some cases even rewards. Furthermore, some sales jobs involve making sales calls or meeting people in person, which means that some sales people can have a lot of control over their own hours. This kind of demand for sales jobs should make a sales recruiter’s job easy, shouldn’t it? Unfortunately, everything mentioned above actually makes a sales recruiter’s job much more easily said than done. A sales recruiter is looking to hire great sales people — not just good ones. Great sales people have to be more than just motivated; they have to be ready and undaunted by the many obstacles that life can throw at a salesperson. If you want a sales recruiter to notice you, you need to be ready. So with that being said, let’s look at some of the things sales recruiters look for in potential new hires.

1. Confidence

It’s easy to feel daunted by a job interview, especially if you don’t have much experience in your desired field. However, experience is not necessarily something that recruiters are looking for in sales people, so don’t let that get your confidence down! Many sales companies have existing sales reps who can help mentor and train new recruits. Your confidence will go hand in hand with your selling ability. Having a good understanding of what you’re selling, your competition, and sales techniques can boost your confidence in a big way. With that being said, if you don’t have experience you might want to research these factors before interviewing for a sales job. If you present yourself with confidence and self-assurance to the recruiter, you’ll probably have a much better chance of getting the job you want. Remember — an interview involves selling yourself. Consider it a dry run for your future job!

2. Persistence

Persistence is such a key part of being a great sales person. You could say that persistence goes together with confidence, but they’re really two separate things. The fact is that many people feel uncomfortable with being persistent, even when it’s a part of their job. You have to be ready to face potential clients who don’t want to talk to you, or won’t answer your first call. You have to be ready to make a second call, or a third, or a fourth, if that is what your job asks of you. It’s believed that 80% of non-routine sales are made after at least five follow-ups. As crazy as it may seem, only 20% of sales leads are followed up. This is unacceptable; a truly successful sales person needs to be ready to follow up every lead. A sales recruiter is looking for someone who isn’t going to be knocked down by the first no, and who’s ready to memorize and present the desired sales pitch whenever necessary.

3. Technological Fluency

This may seem a bit different from the above mentioned qualities. The fact is hat in today’s world, technology is very important to sales jobs. You need to be able to use most basic elements of technology easily and quickly. If you can’t, make sure you can before going on your interview. Furthermore, you need to be ready to pick up new types of technology with ease. The sales world will only become more tech-savvy as time passes. As such, recruiters will be looking for people who aren’t afraid of technology.

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