Three Ways to Land a Sales Job Without Sales Experience

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Do you want to pursue a career in sales but lack prerequisite experience?

Fortunately, hiring managers and sales recruitment agencies are always looking to fill different types of sales jobs, and they don’t just look at experience

Treat Any Interview Like a Sale

Patience and persistence are two of the most important traits in a sales person, and you actually have a perfect setting do demonstrate those traits when trying to land a job. Show hiring managers and sales recruitment agencies how you’ll go after sales for them by going after that job with the same dedication.

Interviewers want to know you’ll be able to present yourself well, field questions, and excel under pressure. You should also show your ability to follow up. Only 20% of all sales leads are ever pursued, and employers want to know you’ll increase that number. Send emails, make phone calls, write letters and do everything else you can to demonstrate your selling prowess.

Do Your Homework Before Any Interview

If you’re unprepared for an interview, a potential employer will assume that you’ll be unprepared in the workplace. Make sure you bring extra copies of your resume in a neat folder or case, contact information for references, and a pen.

Go in armed with information as well. Try to read the company’s latest corporate reports, or mention something you read on their website. You want your interviewer to know you prepared for your meeting, and that you’d be just as prepared for a sales meeting.

Prepare for Questions

If you’re interviewing with sales recruitment agencies, someone will almost always ask you about your biggest sales story. Make sure you have one to tell, and get the facts straight before you go into your meeting so you can tell the story fluidly. The last thing you want to do is leave your interviewer waiting while you fumble for a memory that works.

You should also be ready to list other successes you’ve had in your life, even if they don’t relate to sales. Have some stories ready to relate that will show off your best qualities and impress interviewers.

You may have to take an entry-level position starting out, but at least that will allow you to gain experience for the next job!
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