4 Reasons You May Not Have Gotten That Sales Job

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No matter how many you have done, interviewing for sales career opportunities can be stressful. It can sometimes be hard to know exactly what to say or what employers are looking for. As someone looking for a job in sales, it is important to sell yourself in a memorable way to get the job you want. If you have gone on several interviews and still have had no luck, here a few reasons why that may be.

You didn’t know about the company.
A common misconception that many applicants fail to realize is not effective is the idea that you can simply improvise an interview. The truth is, the more prepared you are, the better your chances are of getting the job you want. Prior to your interview, research as much of the company as you can. Check their website and read their mission statement as well as their about section to find out more on the company culture.

Your thoughts weren’t concise.
Many businesses looking to hire great sales people often pay attention to the way you respond to questions during an interview. As many of us already know, sometimes people can ramble or go off topic when nervous and continue talking longer than necessary. The best sales career advice to combat this is to practice before your interview. Anticipate some common and uncommon questions you may be asked with a friend and practice your response. Remember that you can answer with detail, but not too much.

You didn’t know you numbers.
Interviews for the most successful sales career opportunities often include a question about the figures showing your sales results. If you do not know your numbers ahead of time, you may come off as unprepared or not right for the position. Part of having a career in sales is remembering the facts so that you can present them to customers at any moment. Failure to do so in an interview can lead to you being passed over as a candidate.

You didn’t look the part.
It may come as a shock, but many people interviewing for sales career opportunities still do not know the importance of dressing the part. You only get one chance to make a lasting impression on a sales recruiter. For this reason, it is crucial to present yourself in a way that says you are professional and want the job.

Sometimes people can go through several interviews in a week and still not receive call-backs for jobs. Part of the reason they aren’t getting the sales jobs they are interviewing for are because they are simply not prepared. Before any interview, do your research on the company, respond with some detail, but not too much where your thoughts don’t seem concise, and dress the part. Not only will you land the job, but impress your potential employer at the same time.

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