Why You Should Consider New Shipping Containers for Sale

You may have seen ads for new shipping containers for sale and wondered why you would want to buy a shipping container unless you’re in the shipping business. The fact of the matter is that shipping containers are being re-purposed for a wide variety of different things from mobile offices to low-cost houses.

Shipping containers are ideal for mobile or remote offices, guest homes, large storage, or even primary homes. These containers can be modified with doors, windows, water, electricity, and HVAC to make them as nice and as efficient as any other home or office. You can even modify multiple containers together to make an even larger building.

Shipping is still the primary mode of transporting goods across the world due to the relatively low cost compared to other options. There are approximately 17 million containers in circulation in the world, and news one constantly being made. When looking to modify, you can find a barely used shipping container or new shipping containers for sale fairly easily.

A well-maintained shipping container can last 20 years with little to no work. Modifications can range from minimal to so extensive you would hardly know you were in a shipping container when they are done. Container offices are used widely for construction companies, car lots, seasonal businesses, and even separate home offices. Creating a home office with a shipping container can allow you to still have the benefit of working from home without the hassle of having your office in your home. It offers the perfect balance.

Shipping containers come in different sizes, which allow you to determine exactly how much room you need for what you intend to use it for. Containers can also be used for she-sheds, mother-in-law suites, and guest houses. They can fit nicely on an existing property and be transformed into anything you can imagine.

Many people choose to buy used containers, which also works as long as it is still in good condition. Buying used shipping containers helps to reduce waste and given the number of containers taking out of circulation each year, there is always a steady supply of them.

However, used containers are not for everyone. Particularly someone interested in making their home out of shipping containers may be more interested in finding new shipping containers for sale to ensure they get the highest quality and the most time out of the existing model. As a buyer, you can find new shipping containers for sale or you can work directly with a company that does container modifications, and they can get the containers for you.

The benefits of using shipping containers for individual offices has been shown through research. For a while, the trend was to create open work spaces with the mindset that they promote coordination and teamwork. However, what has been found is that employees are interrupted so often that they are less productive because they are constantly stopping what they are doing or losing focus. One study found that employees switch from one project to the next every 10.5 minutes, but are interrupted at least once during those 10.5 minutes.

Setting an employee up in a work-from-home or work-from-the-job-site container office will allow them to fully dedicate their time to the task at hand. They will be faster and more efficient. Companies will see production increased due to this new effort. It is true that not all positions can be made remote. Some employees have to work as a team, but grouping two to three employees together is also still an option. Larger containers are plenty big enough for a shared office space.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with a modified shipping container. Think about that project you’ve always dreamed of and see if you can make it a reality. At first thought, the idea of making a home out of shipping containers may seem odd or unrealistic, but the possibilities are actually very remarkable, and the finished products are breathtaking.

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