Unique Ways You Can Put Old Storage Containers To Good Use

Climate controlled containers

Storage containers have become part of the most versatile piece of recyclables in today?s modern society. Storage containers can be found scattered all over shipyards, trains, and construction sites. They usually come in 10, 20, or 40 feet long and are used as climate controlled containers, shipping containers, and more. The best attribute of used shipping containers is that they work just like over sized building blocks. Their sturdiness and strength are perfect for framework and basic foundation to built any kind of structure you?d like. They are also able to include basic structure features such as electricity, lighting, ventilation or HVAC, plumbing and much more. Let?s take a closer look at some of the unique ways steel shipping containers are used as building blocks for alternative structures.

Storm Shelters
For many parts of the world storms tend to wreak havoc on community homes during the storm season. A properly assembled storage container has the capability to withstand some of the most dangerous storms mother nature has to offer. One of the safest places to be during a storm is underground. The bad part is that not everyone can afford an underground storm shelter to keep them and their entire family safe from the impact of the the storm. A storage container is sturdy and strong enough to provide the perfect solution for this problem. They can be buried into the ground and serve a d a storm shelter when needed. The decent amount of space within a storage container is good enough to provide great living space for an entire family of four or possibly even more.

Alternative Housing Units
Large families cal for even larger living spaces where each individual can have their own space within the home. A storage container can offer all of this as well as space for the basic and necessary amenities an ordinary home provides. There also a customization factor that storage container have as well. Cargo container modifications are easy to apply due to their shapes and stack-ability. You can have a small storage unit for a home or stack a couple pieces together to create a size that is suitable.

Alternative Business Office Space
If these storage containers can be used as an alternative living space for an entire family, best believe the same can be said for office or commercial business space. They can be easily turned onto any king of business location with just a few minor tweaks and adjustments. Just imagine the possibilities. Just a few of these storage containers can be turned into portable office containers where you can take your office on the road wherever you need it. Storage containers offer a starting point for nearly any kind of foundation you can think of. It?s begun to be a personal hobby of many architects and construction professionals to see what else they can do with these versatile containers. All you need is an idea and a storage container to get you started on your very own customized structure.

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