Sea Freight Shipping For International Moves

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Air and ocean cargo are the two primary ways that goods are transported internationally; however, around 90 percent of trade goods are carried by international shipping services; it is the basis of almost all export and import internationally. Sea freight shipping is a consistently growing industry without which business as we know it would not exist. In fact, as you read this, over 50,000 merchant ships, registered to over 150 nations, owned by hundreds of cargo companies, sail the seas transporting hundreds of different kinds of cargo.

Sea freight shipping is the most inexpensive way of transporting goods, and while it may not be the fastest method, if a reputable company undertakes the shipment, then time sensitivity will be a priority. Aside from the cost, though, there are other benefits that come with sea freight shipping.

More Shippable Items
Ocean shipping allows for a wider range of items to be shipped than other methods of transport, such as heavy or bulky goods. Air and ocean logistics differ greatly; some things just can’t be transported on a plane.

More Time For Documentation
International shipping is accompanied by a fair bit of paperwork, much of which has to go through several levels of inspection and approval. Even if your goods could arrive overnight, you might not be able to retrieve them until the paperwork went through anyway; with sea freight shipping, the time is built in.

More Eco-Friendly
Many businesses are opting for ecologically and environmentally-sound practices in every sector and process. Ocean shipping has a higher carrying capacity and lower fuel cost than air shipping, and produces less harmful pollutants. For an additional measure, recycled and reusable materials can be used for packing items.

One of the main non-business-related reasons that people look into the benefits of sea freight shipping is an overseas relocation. One might wonder if door to door moving is offered by sea freight shipping companies, but they are. In these cases, point to point services are crucial in minimizing middlemen and simplifying the move. Point-to-point transportation reduces the need for connection time, making the overall process faster. It also reduces the likelihood of lost or damaged goods. Sea freight shipping companies usually have either a department for over-the-road transportation of shipping containers, or a partnership with a dedicated service to provide transport direct door to door.

Sea freight companies often specialize in international moves and can assist with all the particulars, from packing and organizing your belongings, to taking care of paperwork, explaining fees, arranging delivery and more.

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