How to Price Your Small Business Junk Removal Services

If you’re starting a new junk removal business, you may struggle with figuring out what you should charge for your services. Although you may be able to figure out roughly what your competition is charging, each junk removal job you undertake will be slightly different. You need to assign junk removal prices that allow you to stay ahead of the competition without wasting your time.

The video posted here should help you figure out how to assign a price to a job.

Video Source

First, you need to get a job by marketing your business well. Once you have a customer, you will typically go to their property to give them a free estimate on your service. While you’re there, pay attention to the details of the job. How much junk do they need you to remove? Is the junk spread out or gathered in one place?

If the junk is gathered in one place, feel free to charge the lowest rate for your service. If the property owner wants you to remove junk from multiple locations across their property, you will likely need to charge extra to account for the extra time the service will take.

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