Law enforcement hiring issues

The video discusses the current hiring challenges in law enforcement. Many sheriff’s offices have not been fully staffed in years because of various circumstances. One reason for the continuing need to fill law enforcement jobs is the high turnover. This turnover occurs mostly on the corrections side because of the increasing risk in ensuring public safety.

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The growing hatred toward police officers puts an additional strain on the agencies.

The departments are making every effort possible to make these jobs available to more people and to also make the jobs more desirable. One step they are taking is extending the jobs to younger people. Applicants as young as 19 years old can now apply for law enforcement positions.

Some agencies are offering bonuses and higher salaries to entice new people to come on board. Those actions might be great for the applicants, but they also cause wage wars across the board, as some agencies are stealing officers from others with irrefutable offers. Small agencies are losing workers because the larger agencies can offer them much more money because of their budgets. It’s turning into a real crisis because of the turnover and pay rate battles, but departments are trying to get the situation under control.

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