5 Things to Consider About Used Corvettes for Sale

When considering your options when it comes to used Corvettes for sale, there are going to be many things to think about before you decide on which vehicle to purchase. This video discusses five things to look for when buying a used Corvette.

1. Never Look at Night

There are many small details that can be missed without the light of day — and these small details can end up meaning big problems. So, be sure the setting is right for when you take a look at the vehicle.

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2. Examine the Tires

The tires can show you how the car has been treated and maintained, which can be especially important with Corvette tires.

3. Check the Engine Oil

The color of the oil can tell you a lot — if it’s very dark it is in need of an oil change or if it is a muddy color it means that water is getting mixed in which can be a very big problem.

4. Corrosion

Be sure to look carefully to see if there is any rust or corrosion to the used car before you purchase it. This kind of issue can escalate very quickly.

5. Modifications

You’ll want to check if any modifications have been done to the vehicle because these can make a difference to the integrity of the car long term.


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