A Quick Guide to Wind Vented Roof Install

When you want to undertake a wind vented roof install, you need to start off with the right safety equipment. This means that you need to wear protective glasses and safety gloves, and you need a harness system to keep you from falling off the roof during the installation. Then, you need to find out where the rafters are on the roof.

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The unit will be centered in between them.

Finding the rafters can be done from outside the roof or from inside it in the attic. From the attic, you can find the center between them and drive a nail through it so that you can find the center on the other side of the roof. The is installed at a point that is about 16″ down from the roof’s ridge. However, the top of the turbine should be level with the top of the ridge, and that may mean that it isn’t exactly 16″ down.

Then, you need to mark the place where you will place the hole in the roof. To do this, you can make a cardboard template of the hole that’s in the wind turbine, and use that to mark the right place on the roof.

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