Your Building Maintenance List for Businesses

As a business owner, there are a few things that you need to check and maintain over time. The maintenance check can be done daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. It depends on the urgency and the number of funds required to do a maintenance check. Very many people do not see the need to have a building maintenance list, but it is a way of saving future accidents and incidences that would otherwise cost more to correct than to replace over time. You need to have a building maintenance list to help you plan and effectively conduct the maintenance exercises. Several areas need maintenance over time.

1. The Septic Tank

This is one of the most crucial areas in a building that need proper maintenance. The septic tank needs to be emptied at least once a year, especially if your building has more clients who go to the rented-out stores. Once you start noticing pooling around the area where the septic tank is, know that it is full, and the chances of the waste leaving the tank are very high. It will automatically attract flies because of the unpleasant odor from the septic tank. You will end up losing tenants in your building because clients cannot withstand the bad smells from the septic tank. Get a professional to inspect the tank and check for leaks or fullness. Get the best company that offers septic tank pumping services at affordable rates. You can even sign a contract with them so that after a given period, they will come to empty the septic tank. It will be more affordable than incall requests. Sometimes accidents may occur on the septic tank, for example, leaking; you will need to look for an expert to do a local septic tank repair to save the situation.

2. The Roof

The roof is also part of the building maintenance list as it plays a big role in protecting the properties inside the building. Right from cleaning debris on the roof to checking if there is any roof damage causing leaks. All kinds of roofs should be handled and maintained depending on the material they are made of. Do not do general maintenance on the roofs; contact the available roofing company to advise you on how to maintain the roofing of your building properly. It is also a way of avoiding roof leaks. Talk to a roofing expert to get more information on roof maintenance.

3. The Sidewalk

Although most people do not see the need for the sidewalk to be part of the building maintenance list, it needs to be. The sidewalk of the building needs daily cleaning, especially if there are trees on the sidewalk. The leaves that fall over time need to be collected. Over the years, the sidewalk starts getting cracks that need to be filled and corrected by a professional who offers cement service.

4. The Landscaping

The landscape of your building plays a very vital role. The more beautiful the landscape is, the more tenants you will get. Most tenants care about how the landscape of the building. There are very many landscaping companies that you can contact to get their services. They will also be important in advising you on the kind of landscaping that best fits your building. You can also get affordable local tree service if you have trees in your landscape. If you are on a tight budget, you can choose to get artificial turf which requires less maintenance and, at the same time, is quite affordable to maintain compared to natural grass.

5. The HVAC

If your building has an HVAC system, it does not require frequent cleaning, so you can plan maintenance twice a year. If you have a ductless HVAC system is more advantageous. If your building has air conditioners, they need to be checked monthly because of the build-up of dust over time. AC units tend to break down faster than HVAC systems. With the AC unit, you will be more conversant with AC repair over time, forcing you to get stand-by experts who will fix them in case they stop operating.

6. The Plumbing

Plumbing entails a lot, and the money needed to do a plumbing maintenance check is quite expensive. Here you will need to get a professional commercial plumber who has been in the industry for a long time to do the plumbing checks. In case of any leaks, they need to be fixed immediately to avoid future problems, which will cost even more to repair. You can even use higher a plumbing company to take care of the maintenance checks. For the minor plumbing issues that happen on a daily or weekly basis, you can hire a local plumber to work on a contract to offer his services in your building.

7. The Batteries in Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These detectors use batteries that wear out over time and must be replaced at least once a year. If you hear a chirping sound from the detectors, it is a sign that the batteries need to be changed. The detectors also need to be replaced every ten years or less. Always choose detectors that require less money to maintain.

8. The Water Filters

The water filters need to be replaced over time as they need new water softeners and new parts for efficient water filtration. Maintenance of the water filters prevents the breakdown of various machinery, which occurs due to the accumulation of deposits, making the machinery unable to function properly. The amount of deposition and corrosion in pipes will no longer be a problem. Get the best service expert team to do the maintenance checks and affordable emergency repair services from the same.

9. The Windows

The windows of the building need regular checks to be done to ensure that they are well fitted and operational. Sometimes accidents happen, and windows are broken, forcing immediate replacement to prevent loss of properties in the building due to theft. Always do replacements with the best and high-quality windows to save on costs that would otherwise be spent on replacing windows.

10. The Fire Alarm

The fire alarm should be tested to see if it’s functioning properly. It is crucial because a fire accident may happen, and if the first alarm is not functional, everything in the building will be lost. Hire experts to handle the fire alarm and do any replacements if need be. It saves a lot on preventing property damage.

11. The Lighting Fixtures

It is essential to check that all lighting fixtures are functional, especially outdoor ones. They tend to go out without anyone noticing. If necessary, hire a local electrician to care for all the lighting fixtures. Lighting is essential in the ambiance enhancement of a building, especially at night. You can also choose to replace outdoor lighting with power-saving lighting fixtures to save as much money as possible on lighting.

12. The Fire Extinguishers

It is advised that all fire extinguishers are inspected on the day of installation and after every month, especially if your building is in an area where they are prone to rust conditions. The nozzle of the fire extinguisher normally tends to get clogged over time. The fire extinguishers also need to be always full. The instructions on using the fire extinguisher should also be visible and readable just so an emergency and the fire extinguisher needs to be used. The fire suppression system also needs to be serviced over time. You can find experts to do it.

13. The Doors

The doors of the building need to operate correctly. To ensure this safety, they must be checked from time to time. The hinges need to be should be working properly with no faults. In case of a fire incident, there should be no stampede because faulty doors are not easily accessible. If there are doors that need to be replaced, especially steel doors, which tend to rust so fast on the hinges, replace them and use precautional measures to increase their life span.

14. The Removal of Snow

It is essential to get snow removal services, especially during the winter. It is done to prevent accidents. This will, on the other hand, increase the productivity of your building as people will do their businesses as usual during the winter period because of assured security from snow-influenced accidents. Let your building be among the best in registering zero accidents during winter. It also preserves the landscaping of your building from completely burning out due to the low temperatures.

15. The Parking Lot

If your building has underground parking, then clear and consistent maintenance practices are essential. Get an expert to analyze and give a good recommendation of the material used to seal cracks that are visible in the parking lot. Leaving these cracks over time might lead to the collapse of the building over time. It will lead to a major loss. Apart from general cracks, it is good to look at the general condition of the parking lot. Use different materials that create an appealing look making it conducive for people. You can even look at the best entrepreneurial and successful buildings worldwide. Look at how the parking lots are and try to emulate them. You can save as much as possible and get the same experts to do the same maintenance practices to secure your building. To avoid major losses, it is good to do a maintenance check of the parking lot.

16. The Ground Water Run-off

It is imperative to check the ground of the building to ensure that water run-off is efficient and there are no water flowing issues. If there is, the drainage system must be checked and corrected for minor or major drainage issues. If erosion issues go hand in hand with water run-off, they need to be fixed as soon as possible to ensure no other water-related problems are encountered.

17. The Drains

The drains and gutters need to be cleaned daily to ensure that water flows without interference. If a section of the drains and gutters has a problem, they need to be fixed by a plumber as soon as possible to avoid flooding, especially during periods where the rains are heavy and occur daily. The amount of water the drains and gutters handle is more than expected.

18. The Furnance

If your building has a boiler installed, it needs frequent maintenance practices to be operational over a long time. The type of fueling used to run the furnace should also be conservative. The expert should also check the air registers to ensure that they are successfully delivering the warm air as they should. Getting a stand-by expert who will check the furnace in case of emergency service is also advisable.

19. The Watering Schedule

Create a watering schedule for your landscape which you can allocate someone to be actively doing every day to ensure that the plants are healthy. The handling of pests by using pesticides is equally important during this exercise which an expert can do.

Your building maintenance list should have the most important parts that must get constant checks and the ignored parts of the building that need to be checked over time. You can also consult your contractor to advise you on the parts or areas of your building that need to be added to the maintenance list. Alternatively, you can get a friend’s or family’s building maintenance list and compare and add the areas that are missing from your list and in the reference list. You can even look at the different maintenance lists available online and add what you feel you have left out.

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