Tips for Using an Industrial Wax Melter

A reliable wax melter is necessary for any successful candle and soap-making business. However, most people don’t know how to use wax melters to enhance their business correctly. This video shows tips for using an industrial wax melter.

Industrial wax melters are essential when melting large amounts of wax. This equipment is manufactured from stainless steel to prevent overheating and avoid contamination from other strong scents.

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They’re available in various sizes and types, including water jacket heat and direct heat.

When using a wax meter, ensure to close the outflow valve. Place wax in the container, cover it and adjust the temperature to the desired level. Never heat the wax to a higher temperature than recommended by the manufacturer. Keep the tank covered if you want the wax to melt more quickly. Maintain a container underneath the nozzle to catch any dripping wax. When the light on the device turns out, it shows the melter has reached the desired temperature.

To clean your melter after each usage, use some paper towels and rubbing alcohol. Don’t forget that pouring pitchers are far better than melters for combining aroma oils and wax. This provides some leeway and permits dispensing many aromas from a single mixture.


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