Writing a Proper Capability Statement

Writing a clear and concise capability statement is important for any business. Watch this video for an in-depth breakdown of how a capability statement should be written.

The purpose of writing a capability statement is to sell to government buyers. These buyers expect your business to have one of these written and it needs to include a specific set of components.

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There are nine key areas that should be included in your statement and those include your company’s name, a summary of your company, core capabilities, and six other elements as well.

A capability statement is a concise summary of your business targeted toward government buyers and contractors. It should be no longer than one page long and should be a “live” document that can be altered as needed. You should generate one master copy that can be edited and tailored to the needs of who you are trying to target. The document should be shared as a PDF when being spread and should be available on your company website.

You want to make sure you are listing the services and products your business specializes in, but only as they relate to the specific needs of your target audience. Bullet points are a good way to list the things your company is capable of doing.

For more questions regarding the writing of a capability statement, contact a local expert today.

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