What Is a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider is an outsourced IT provider with a proactive approach. To find out more about what this means and what a managed service provider can do for your business, watch this video.

The difference between a managed service provider and a normal IT consultant is that an IT consultant has a much more reactive approach. They are usually called whenever a business has a tech problem and they usually charge by the hour.

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An MSP uses a proactive approach to prevent problems from occurring in the first place and they usually work on a fixed fee arrangement.

Using monitoring procedures and patch management, an MSP tries to prevent tech problems from arising. They usually focus on stopping hardware problems from occurring but can also help with a variety of other issues. They monitor your hardware 24/7 in order to detect if any components such as the server, hard drive, or other components are failing. This allows them to access the problem quickly and replace whatever needs to be replaced before anything actually fully goes down.

The process of patching is used to patch the operating systems and service work stations in order to prevent cyber attacks.

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