Why The LTL Shipping Industry Has Become Prosperous

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When it comes to transporting goods across the country, from industrial machinery transport for global aerospace logistics to pharmaceuticals for pharma logistics services, trucking has long been a reliable way to move goods. Trucking, particularly the LTL – or less than truckload – market, has exploded as of late, with LTL shipping valued at approximately $35 million, and is only expected to increase.

LTL shipping is particularly common for global aerospace logistics and the like because it means that a truckload does not have to be fully filled in order to be moved. This means that important goods and products can be shipped as needed through this specialty freight service. Overweight shipping is also popular for global aerospace logistics. Though it may come at a premium price, specialty freight services are well worth it for the convenience and ease of moving goods and products around the country.

In fact, many industries rely on LTL shipping and other types of shipping to move their good. The three most valuable industries moved by freight services are considered to be machinery, electronics, and all types of motorized vehicles. Almost twelve million vessels move goods around the country, from rail cars to trucks, and the value of freight itself is projected to increase to over $1,300 per ton by 2040, up from just over $800 per ton in 2007. In 2013 alone, the trucking and freight industry transported over 14 billion tons of cargo. This number is anticipated to increase to nearly 20 billion tons per year by 2040.

Aside from shipping items for global aerospace logistics, pharma logistics, and electronics (etc.), the freight industry has become popular for items purchased online, through e-commerce. E-commerce itself has exploded in popularity and is estimated to be worth over $400 billion as an industry. This means that specialty shipping like LTL shipping is more in demand than ever.

LTL shipping is also popular for moving goods to convention spaces for trade shows. Trade show shipments are becoming more and more popular as convention centers are built all around the United States, with the majority in California, Florida, and Nevada.

No matter what you need to ship, the freight industry has proven to be a reliable transport of goods around the country, both for large distances as well as shorter ones.

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