Why Do I Have So Much Stuff?

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After decades of buying and collecting everything under the sun, it seems like getting back to the basics and streamlining our lives is now the new trend. Taking a complete reversal from competing to see who can own the most gadgets and gizmos, many people are now downsizing their lives and downsizing their possessions.
If you make the decision to keep only the necessities you must start with a plan. A plan to sort and discard, and then a plan to organize what you decide to keep. This new trend toward having less and keeping it organized could lead to more productive lives at home and at work. Did you know that our collective messy desks and the time we spend looking for misplaced items costs corporate America $177 billion a year? Messy and cluttered desks are not just wasting our time, they might also be giving other people the wrong first impression. In fact, nearly 80% of people think unorganized clutter can hamper productivity, and 58% of Americans admit they judge coworkers by how clean or dirty they keep their workspaces.
Luckily, office supply stores and many other large retailers sell everything you could possibly need to get yourself organized. Something as simple as a printer label can help you get started. Using a laser printer label you can indicate what is inside boxes and envelopes that you use to consolidate important correspondence and documents. Large and small 3 ring binders can help you keep all of the manuals that you can not access online for appliances and electronics.
These same organizing supplies can help you organize items that you want to store, donate or give away. A large printer label can serve as an attractive and functional way to label boxes as you sort your way through the entire contents of your house. Color coded labels could visually separate the boxes into categories — donate to church, store in the attic, things for you daughter, things for your son.
How about it? Are you ready to make a change and downsize? Are you ready to get rid of the boxes and trunks of mementoes that you have been holding onto for years? What would your life be like if you did not have to keep track of closets, cupboards, drawers, and even attics full of possessions? Making the decision to declutter and downsize feels good. You can put yourself in the position to control your life instead of letting your collections of clutter control you.

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