Keeping Your School and Work Supplies in Stock and Tidy

Poly bubble mailers

School and business supplies are vital to any student or employer, especially those business owners who are just starting out or running a business from home. Ensuring you have all the items you need to start out the school year or get your business start up into the works can be a somewhat tedious task. When you have a compiled list and know it exactly what you need, it will make it much simpler.

Remember important items like:

  • cheap ring binders, large and small
  • spiral bound graph paper notebook
  • laser printer labels
  • ink jets
  • bubble envelopes
  • writing utensils
  • printer paper
  • stapler and staples
  • paper clips
  • folders
  • highlighters
  • post-its
  • calculator
  • white out
  • When parents take their children to do their back to school shopping near the end of each summer, the average costs of the children in kindergarten through 12th grade reaches nearly $700 in stores. This year, it’s estimated that more than one third of those shoppers, as well as 45% of the families of college students getting ready to go back to school will do their shopping online. Millennials plan to spend $913 on school supplies this year, with electronics and supplies such as numbered dividers, small binder rings, bulk 3 ring binders increasing the spending.

    Offices and other businesses use a lot of supplies as well, such as paper, printable sticker labels and bubble mailers. Actually, printing and writing paper adds up to about one half of the entire U.S. paper production. In 1991 alone, the U.S. had 7 million copiers in operation. It is estimated that every year, 10,000 sheets of copy paper are used by the average office workers. Printers are another very important office device, not just for office work papers but also to print out address labels. Offices often use laser inkjet labels to send out their mail.

    Laser inkjet labels can be used for more than just mailing. As a student, you may label your 3 ring binders and notebooks for classes to stay more organized. In the office, laser inkjet labels can be used to keep your cubicle organized by using a printer label on drawers, cabinet doors or a filing system. According to studies, 57% of Americans admit that they judge their coworkers by the cleanliness of their desks or work spaces. In similar studies, business people have stated that 80% of people believe that having a messy or unorganized work space will hamper a person’s productivity and the quality of their work. Those in corporate America say that when a worker keeps a messy work space, it collectively adds up to costing businesses $177 billion while the worker looks for misplaced items. Therefore, using labels and finding a good organization technique for your desk, cubicle or work area can boost the quality of your work and save businesses money.

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