Clever Ways to Use a Standard 3 Ring Binder for Home Organization

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Many people associate binders with images of kids going back to school. Sure, 3 ring binders are most commonly used as a school supply, but have you considered using them for home organization? There are some great applications for both big and small 3 ring binders that you may not have considered. Check out these awesome uses and start getting your home neat and organized!

  • Make a recipe book.
    There is no better way to organize all your favorite recipes than with 3 ring binders. Cookbooks are bulky and hard to maneuver when you are trying to cook and read the recipe at the same time. Especially if the cookbooks are soft cover, they?re too flimsy to stand up on their own. A binder will double as a recipe organizer and a sturdy stand to hold up the recipes as you cook. Use plastic binder sleeves to keep the pages clean from any kitchen messes.
  • Store greeting cards.
    Many people like to buy greeting cards in bulk to have them on hand for any occasion. Use 3 ring binders to store them all away neatly until you need one for that unexpected birthday or baby shower. Make good use of dividers to separate the cards by season or occasion! Depending on how many cards you have, a small ring binder might do the job just fine.
  • Organize DVDs and CDs.
    Those pre-made CD and DVD organizers never have enough space for your entire movie collection! Condense shelves full of DVD cases down into a binder! You can find binder sleeves that have disc-sized compartments to keep your DVDs protected and scratch free. This is a great space saving option for anyone with limited storage.
  • Create a durable scrapbook.
    Standard scrapbooks made of fabric and cardboard may not last as long as you?d like. By using a 3 ring binder, you can preserve all of your memories in a more durable covering. Binders can be easily customized and decorated, making for a fun craft. If you love to scrapbook, consider using binders as a money-saving alternative.
  • Keep coupons tidy.
    People have been going crazy over coupons! The amount of money you can save by couponing shows why this trend has really taken off. Now where will you keep all of those coupons? In a binder, of course! Here?s a good tip: use numbered dividers to organize them by date so you know which coupons to use before they expire.

Got any other great uses of binders that we forgot? Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite binder use!

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