Here’s What You Can Do With Your Old Binders!

3 ring binders bulk

We all remember having to use those cumbersome 3 ring binders in class. The small binder rings clipped our fingers when we tried to snap them shut, and we didn’t care at all about the numbered dividers! We just couldn’t wait to throw that thing in our backpacks and head out to the kickball court. But did you know that 3 ring binders can help you organize your life in the adult world? It’s true. It’s so true you wont even believe it. Here are some ideas for how you can put your old binders to good use.

Plan out your week/month/year – Take it from someone who used to work in office supplies: planners are expensive. Most of the time, too expensive to warrant paying that much for something that’s just a glorified notebook. So make yourself your own planner! By using old laser printer labels, you can turn an average piece of craft paper (or even just normal computer paper) into a makeshift calendar. Just fill a binder with these sheets and you’ll have your own planner in no time!

Get all that mail sorted – If you’ve got your bills lying around in a pile somewhere like I definitely don’t, get them hole-punched and sort them into a binder! Then you’ve got everything in one place, ready to go whenever you need to reference or pay them.

Make an inspiration journal – Have you ever seen those boards people make to collect inspiration for their future? Well you can have a nice binder full of images that inspire you and keep you motivated! Print out workout tips, clip magazine pages, whatever makes you feel motivated and inspired to keep busy and organized. When you’re done, you can collect all your cool new 3 ring binders in their own little binder shelf, so you can reference all your sorted materials whenever you want!

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