eBay, Etsy and eCommerce How To Save Money On Shipping

Bulk 3 ring binders

If you’re a frequent seller on eBay, or another popular eCommerce store like Etsy or Amazon, then it’s possible you’re shipping away extra money every time you send out a package. If you want to maximize your profit margins this year, then follow these simple money saving tips the next time you reach for an envelope:

  • Use Cheap Laser Labels and Mailing Envelopes: Whenever possible, use simple mailing envelopes, laser labels, and First Class mail to ship items under 13 ounces. While delicate items might require special packaging, you can also use bubble envelopes or bubble wrap to secure small items for delivery. You’ll also save money on boxes and special packaging. In fact, bubble-padded mailers are the most popular among eBay sellers.
  • Buy Wholesale Bubble Mailers: If you’re a frequent seller, then don’t waste money buying envelopes or packages from the store. Instead, buy bubble envelopes wholesale rather than purchasing a few packages at a time as needed. Wholesale bubble envelopes will cost less than even cheap mailers at office supply stores, and save you money on shipping costs every time you send a package.
  • Compare Costs: U.S. sellers have three primary options for shipping: the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx. Many people spend extra money at the FedEx or UPS store when their local post office has plenty of convenient options that work just as well. Remember to compare prices and service options to get the best deal for your eCommerce store.
  • Offer Free Shipping: For items with low delivery costs, you might ultimately make more money by offering free shipping to your potential buyers, especially for expensive items. That’s because you might make more sales in the long run by adding perks like free shipping, so weigh the pros and cons of this approach. It’s not right for every seller, but it’s an increasingly common practice in the increasingly competitive online marketplace.

Remember: Inflating your shipping costs to make a few extra bucks could get you penalized by sites like eBay.

When the summer of 2015 ends, one in three back to school shoppers will look for those D ring binders online. Plus, sites like Amazon and eBay are gaining popularity among college students looking for used textbooks. Investing in bubble envelopes wholesale or offering extra perks to customers during peak shopping seasons could help put extra cash in your pocket.

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