Where Can You Buy a C15 Plug?

What are C15 plugs? C15 connectors can handle devices with high temperatures, such as server rooms, electric kettles, computing networking closets, and Power over Ethernet switches with high wattage supplies.

A C15 power cord is matched with a C16 appliance inlet. It’s shown as follows: C15 to C16. C15 connectors also fit into C14 inlets. C15 plugs are designed for high-temperature conditions, and they can withstand a rated voltage of up to 120 degrees Celsius.

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If you need to buy C15 plug, you can do some from a big box store. However, it’s a better idea to support a small business. There are many smaller manufacturing companies that specialize in cables, plugs, and outlets for various purposes and projects. Depending on what you need a C15 plug for, it’s best to speak with a professional in this industry by contacting a small manufacturing company of cables, plugs, and outlets.

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You can find these manufacturers online. Read online reviews and speak with a customer service representative before making a purchase. You want to ensure you get the right type of plug for your project. Plus, you may need additional plugs and cables for various purposes. Keep in mind that a C15 plug won’t be enough, either. You’ll need to purchase others that match.

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