What You Need To Start Your Locksmith Company

What tools and equipment do you need to start your own locksmith company? Robert has some great tips.

There are a bunch of types of keys that you can have in your shop: standard key, auto key, dimple key, laser-cut key, tibia key, barrel key. These are very important when running a locksmith company.

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SEC-E9 is a universal key cutter machine that can be a great essential addition to your business to cut keys of any kind for your customers.

Key programming equipment is very important for your shop and it will work on a majority of cars, excluding German manufacturers. You can also get a basic key programmer if you are just starting out and want to only work with common car keys that you will run into. HPC can cut keys by code but isn’t necessary for you to own. This can offer a wider variety of keys.

Hand tools are important as well and this can be just a basic set. That will handle the majority of what you will run into.

Lastly, a vise is an essential part of running a locksmith company because it can help you when you need to use both hands. It can help you hold the key and be your third hand.


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