What to Know About Fresh Food Logistics

If you have ever wondered how all that food gets to your door so fresh and so fast, the answer lies in fresh food logistic planning. That is also where the attached video picks up, as it helps explain how the process of fresh food logistics works. While people everywhere use and enjoy the benefits of having food delivered to them with the same quality and freshness as if they went to the store themselves, how many of us actually think about what goes on behind the scenes to get that fresh food to your door? Here is a brief summary of what the fresh food logistics process looks like and how it gets from point A to you.

On the customer side, it is as simple as placing an online order or using an app. On the logistical side, it is considerably more complex.

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The logistics of this system begins by cutting out the middle-man, or in this case, the middle-men. That means, instead of warehouses and distributor chains, the food is shipped from the producer to the shipping and receiving center. It is at this massive facility, using advanced AI systems, that the food is checked for quality, processed, and then shipped to your address. Are you hungry yet?


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