Learn What Wasabi Producers Do

Did you know that wasabi producers typically work though every aspect of wasabi from growth and harvesting to producing the product for use? This vegetable is also called Japanese horseradish and is a spicy substance that can be used for an array of food products. Here’s what these growers do.

Growing Wasabi

Wasabi vegetables love water and grow in river beds that are fed fresh water that hails from snowmelt from surrounding mountains. They typically take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to be ready for harvesting.

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Producers then pull up the plants and snip off the roots and leaves to access the stem. The stem can be sold whole or sent to be manufactured by other companies.

Wasabi Preparation

The vegetables are washed and cleaned thoroughly. Then the stem can be grated and added to a variety of foods and beverages that include:


Spicy Meals

Gel for Pastes





Ice Cream

There are many other ways wasabi can be incorporated into someone’s diet, and it has a number of vitamins and minerals including calcium. Give it a try to discover what the tastebuds crave it on.

Producers of Wasabi Are Always at Work

With routine planting, harvesting and getting the product to local markets and manufacturers or packaging and selling, producers always have tasks to tend to. Learn more from the informative video.


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