What Is an All Drive Over Conveyor?

An all-drive over conveyer is used for moving heavy loads from one place to another. It has two or more rollers that are mounted on a frame and driven by motors. The load is placed between these rollers and moved along with them.
When you use hydraulic drive over conveyors, the load is placed in the middle of the rollers. As soon as the motor starts rotating the rollers, they start rolling and move the load along with them.

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This type of conveyor is very useful for transferring large quantities of materials from one location to another.
You need to consider several factors before choosing the right size for all driveovers. These include:
Load capacity: If your product weighs up to 10 kgs, then a small all-drive over conveyor will be sufficient.
Length : A longer length means a higher production rate but also requires a bigger space. So you must consider this while buying the right sized all-drive over.
Width : A wider width means more area covered, which helps in reducing the chances of jams.

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