Start Your Own Electrical Company

Starting any business is a big decision. It is a daunting affair, so any advice would be very welcome. In this video, the 360 electrician shares some tips on how to get an electrical company started, specifically in the marketing aspect.
He advises not to use a personal name as the electrical company name.

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The reason is that tying a name to a company makes that name the focal point for potential clients who will always request that one person deals with them. That will be a headache as the company grows larger.
Another is that should terminal problems arise, the owner may wish to sever ties with the company. This will be easier if they do not share names with the company. It also makes the company easier to sell.
The second tip is finding a name with a corresponding web address. The shorter, the better. In the same vein, acquiring a toll-free number that matches the business’s name will make the contacts of the electrical company much easier to dial. Those three tips should be instrumental to the marketing of any business.

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