What Is a Patent Company?

If you’re not familiar with patents or a patent company, there’s a lot to know. Keep reading to learn what both a patent and a patent company are.

Let’s start with what a patent is. A patent is a legal certificate that gives you the right to protect your invention for up to 20 years in specific territories.

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What can be patented? Patents can be granted for products, devices, systems, compositions, processes, methods, and uses.

Can anything be patented by a patent company? Not necessarily. Patentable inventions are new and not obvious and solve a technical problem. An idea like a time machine cannot be patented.

With a patent, you can exclude others from making, using, selling, or importing your invention. You can also use patents to add value to your business, enhance your brand image, and negotiate financing.

Do I need to keep a patent for 20 years? No; patents can also be licensed or sold. If you are looking to apply for a patent, seak professional advice from a patent company and receive offers from different patent professionals.

To learn more about patents, watch the video above!


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