What Can Private Security Do for My Business?

Security guard

Security guards are paid to protect property, assets, or people and are often under a contractual obligation to act if their charge is threatened in any way. Depending on their functions, some security guards are considered to be essentially private police forces.

Officers from private security companies usually wear uniforms to maintain a high visibility presence. This is intended to deter illegal or inappropriate actions before they happen. In Australia, all security companies’ uniforms and badges must meet strict requirements so they’re never confused with police officers.

However, even though security officers are not police officers, federal agents or military personnel, a growing number of private security company employees have prior experience in the police or military, all the way up to senior management.

Guards observe a property through patrols, video cameras or alarm systems for signs of disorder, fire or crime. If they detect a disturbance, they act to prevent damages and report the outcome to their client or emergency services.

Security services can also control access to a property or facility at gates or parking areas, checking identification to ensure that everyone who enters has the proper clearance. They can also be used to protect employees in potentially dangerous areas like parking lots and garages. For this reason, it’s crucial for security guards to be personable and committed to remind employees and clients that your company has their safety and happiness in mind.

In Australia, the department of the government that licenses security guards differs in each state or territory, but the process is rigorous and often guards must be licensed for each piece of equipment they use, including firearms and handcuffs.

Insurance companies, especially fire insurance carriers, give significant discounts to companies with a 24-hour security presence on their sites. By hiring a private security company, you’re also protecting your business’ assets from damage or theft. Contact your local security companies if you think a private security company would help your business!

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