Security Services in Sydney

Security guard

Did you know that private security first became popular during the Middle Ages, in both Western Europe and Asia? At that time, the term watchman was mostly commonly used. Today, security guards or security officers are more common terms. Security is a multi million dollar industry worldwide, as many companies and places are looking to protect themselves and their assets.

Security guards sydney are allowed to carry handcuffs, batons, or firearms, but they may only do so when it is required by their role, and when they have the right sub class accreditation on their licenses. The job of a security officer is to deter and prevent crime. Though they are not required to make arrests, they can usually perform a citizen arrest if the situation calls for it.

What are the benefits to having security services? Well, other than obvious peace of mind, insurance companies will often give discounted rates if a business is protecting its insured assets with security guards Sydney. It stands to reason that the insurance company is much less likely to have to cover valuable goods so long as their presence is there. Another interesting benefit of security guards Sydney is that their presence tends to discourage employee misconduct as well, with items less likely to go missing, property damage, et cetera.

In Australia, strict rules govern security companies Sydney. Not only do all security guards need to be licensed, but there are many rules that apply to uniforms and badges as well. Anything that could be confused with an official police uniform is not allowed. In the early 2000s, the industry was not as closely regulated and at one point, security personal actually outnumbered the number of police officers in the country. After the security reform of 2007, though, the percentage of security guards Sydney has dropped considerably.

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