What are Some Issues with Starting a Junk Removal Company

This YouTube video by Austin Hustler Hiers discusses the most common issues starting a junk removal business.

How to Price Junk Removal

Start with a measurement of the trailer you’re using for the task. Getting an idea of the length, width, and height.

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When you divide the total by 27, you come up with a total of cubic yards.

Next, contact different-sized removal companies in your area. This will provide you with an average cost to use as your starting point.

Job Tracking

Look into some type of system to track your customers’ information. This includes their addresses, past removals, and billing cycles. This prevents you from repeatedly asking for the same data, which can make some clients feel that you aren’t organized.

Consider a customer relationship management (CRM) application that focuses on industries like junk removal. A site like Workiz helps you not only maintain your client data but feed it into invoice creation and scheduling.

Get the Right Location

You need to find the right property to handle your equipment and storage. If your space is large enough to unobtrusively park your trailers, then consider that. However, if you live in a smaller home or apartment, then look to rent space in commercial venues.

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