Tips for Asphalt Pavers to Staying in Business

Kevin Gray, an asphalt contractor and President of ADC Paving and Pavement Maintenance makes the point in his YouTube video ‘Asphalt Repair: How to Stay in Business for Paving Contractors’ that the reason Amazon has such a large customer base is due to the exceptionally easy purchasing experience that potential customers and return buyers associate with the company. The ease of transactions is because customers may find options for the commodity they are searching for, as well as comments, reviews, and feedback.

Gray notes that an asphalt contractor should use technology by investing in equipment and services that digitize services and accelerate the growth of the asphalt repair industry exponentially. Additionally, it is vital to educate customers connected to the firm’s digital platform to assist them in making quick product and purchase decisions.

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These technologies may include pavement assessment software and Microsoft illustrator tools, among others, which may streamline the transaction and customer engagement process while also boosting the company’s competitiveness. Gray refers you to the company’s website,, for any commercial paving needs.


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