Use Dry Ice For a Better Cleaning Job

Cleaning is essential for the form and function of nearly any manufactured item or surface. Machinery can get clogged with dust, dirt, grime, or anything else imaginable and become slower, due to resistance of the dirty material, or even come to a stop and shut down. Surfaces such as glass, brass door handles, and a car’s exterior can become dull, discolored, or sticky with nearly anything from finger oil to dirty rainwater to lint and pet hair. Cleaning agents such as liquids, sand blasting, and rags have always been an option, but now, dry ice cleaning has emerged as a convenient, safe, and thorough method to scrub nearly any surface or machine clean. Hiring a dry ice blasting service can give someone the edge on nearly any mess or contamination or clog. This technology stems from earlier developments; the first patent for a device involving dry ice dates back to 1947, and now, with computers and cars needing cleaning, this technology has caught up with the modern world at the forefront of cleaning services.

Dirt and Cleaners

Often, there are considered to be three main hazard or contaminant types that cause unsafe food: biological (such as microorganisms), chemical (cleaning solvents and pest control substances), and physical (hair, dirt, crumbs). Different ways to clean these messes have existed for centuries, but now, ice blasting services can clean surfaces with dry ice, and what is more, a dry ice blasting service is 100% ecologically safe and friendly, given how no harmful or corrosive chemicals or blades or scrubs are involved at all. A dry ice blasting service needs only dry ice and enough air pressure to get the job done. After all, dry ice is a very cold substance, usually at -109 degrees Fahrenheit, and once exposed to warmer surfaces, it sublimates into harmless gas, leaving behind no chemicals or stains of any kind. A dry ice blasting service provides a machine that can issue compressed air between 80 and 90 PSI, and this jet blasts pellets of dry ice to clean nearly any surface. These co2 (carbon dioxide) pellets are what make dry ice cleaning so safe; no industrial chemicals are involved, just frozen co2, and once it sublimates, there’s no mess or fuss left to worry about.

Using dry ice blasting is a flexible service. Delicate electronics are one possible way to use a dry ice blasting service, since this air blasting involves no water that could damage components in a computer, television, printer, or other electronic device. Dust, hair, and crumbs can be quickly and easily blown away without a trace, and plastic surface can also be cleaned this way, not to mention automotive and airplane surfaces and devices. A car’s engine could benefit from dry ice blasting, clearing away any gunk or debris that could clog the car engine’s parts and slow it down. Bigger, more industrial targets such as freezers, refrigerators, ship hulls, and cars can also benefit from when a dry ice blasting service is hired, and this clean, easy work may even extend an item’s life, not to mention clean it for further use and aesthetic appeal.

Responsible handing of dry ice is essential. According to How Stuff Works, dry ice, being composed of carbon dioxide, will sublimate in room temperature and release co2 gas which, being heavier than air, will settle, and disrupt the chemical content of the air around it, especially in the confines of a car or storage room. Normally, air is composed of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, a tiny amount of carbon dioxide, 0.035%. But once the concentration of carbon dioxide in air reaches 5%, it is toxic to humans and other animals, so wearing gas masks or an oxygen supply could boost safety while handling large quantities of dry ice, especially if it has had enough time to sublimate. the ice itself is also cold to the touch, and can be harmful if touched with bare skin, and especially so if swallowed or placed on the tongue. One could wear gloves, goggles, long sleeves, and other safety equipment to prevent this material from touching the skin or becoming ingested, and workers for a dry ice blasting service could keep all this in mind.

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