Tips for Purchasing a Reefer Trailer

This video talks about how to find the best new or used reefer trailer. It explains that you need to consider several factors when searching for reefer trailers that work for your budget. For instance, it introduces questions you need to ask yourself during the buying process.

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The video explains that these questions will be addressed in future videos, which will be in series form. Here are the sort of questions you expect to be answered when it comes to purchasing reefer trailers: Which specs you need for heavy applications of for a backhaul, what’s a suitable weight to haul on your reefer trailer, what interior dimensions are best, what’s a high cube trailer.

Future videos will also look at things like how to reduce damage and corrosion to your reefer trailer, as well as upgrades and options for cutting back on maintenance costs and downtime. All in all, this video provides a great introduction to what to consider when purchasing a reefer trailer. It also gives you an idea of what to expect in future videos that dig into this topic.

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