What is a commercial real estate lease?

Real estate can be tricky to navigate, especially commercial real estate. The attached video will help you understand what a commercial real estate lease is and why you may need one.

Essentially, a commercial real estate lease is a rental agreement.

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That rental agreement is what allows a business to rent its commercial space from a landlord, much like how you as an individual would rent an apartment or one side of a duplex. While some businesses own their buildings, it’s much more common for businesses to have some kind of rental agreement in place.

If you’re looking to lease commercial real estate for your business, do all the research you can before you jump in — on the process and on the building you’re looking to rent. Find an agent you can trust who deals in commercial real estate and get to know the landlord if you can. Small steps like these will minimize the risk of running into an unforeseen personal or building-related problem later on down the line.

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