Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Designing a Business Sign

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Though these days there is more of an emphasis on digital advertising, signs are still a staple for any business’s marketing efforts. Believe it or not, a small business gains about 50% of its local customer base from signs alone, and more often than not, people judge a business based on the quality of the signs it has. For signage to be effective and memorable, good design is key. Here are three questions to ask yourself before getting started.

Who is my audience?
The first thing that you should ask yourself before getting started on a business sign design is who you’re targeting your message to. Who do you want shopping for your product or taking advantage of your services? Think about your price points, what you’re offering, and who you’re trying to get to come through your doors. Think about where they’re going to be when they see your signs and how they’re going to get to your business.

What is my message?
Before you start designing a business sign, you should think about what message you’re trying to get to your potential customers, since certain styles of signs work better for certain messages. Scrolling LED signs work better for temporary messages that are longer in length, and channel letter signs are better for static, permanent messages.

What is my budget?
The last important question you should ask yourself before starting to design a business sign is what your budget is. Advertising is important for making money, but you don’t want to break the bank on a sign. Knowing exactly what your budget is can help maximize it. The good news is that signs these days are typically lit up using LEDs, which are energy efficient and cost-effective.

These tips are true for any advertising campaign, but are especially so for signs. Do you have any other tips for business sign design? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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