The ABCs of Signs for Businesses

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One of the things that slips through the advertising cracks these days is making sure that a business has adequate signage. It can be easy to view signage as a tired form of advertising that doesn’t need a lot of attention — besides, there are plenty of more effective ways to reach customers right? Wrong. almost half of a business’ customer base comes solely from the signs at the physical business, but that’s not all they do. Here are the ABCs of signs, according to the International Sign Association.

Attract customers
The first thing business signs do is attract new customers. Whether they’re simply visiting a part of town they’ve never been in before or have just moved to the area, signs for businesses make the building (and its products or services) much more visible. Furthermore, according to the ISA, about 18% of people relocate each year, which means that businesses have to stay on top of their signage to bring new people in.

Brand a business
Another thing signs do for businesses is help brand them. With the right business sign design, owners can create a recognizable image or slogan that customers will come to know and recognize as one specific business. People want to know who they’re getting their products and services from and an essential way to connect with them is to build an image that they can trust.

Create impulse sales
The C in the ABCs of signs is for creating impulse sales for the business. People love convenience, and when your sign clearly advertises what they’re looking for — and in a lot of cases what they aren’t — they know where to stop and that they can do it right then. Suggestion is a pretty powerful thing, and signs are one of the best ways to lure people in.

Though what signs can do for a business are clear, there are other important considerations to keep in mind. Custom signs need to be clear, visible, and suitable for a business in order for them to be the most effective.

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