The Toughest Parts of Being an Electrician

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Many people are attracted to the role of an electrician. It allows you to become skilled and knowledgeable in a technical and hands-on field. The pay is consistently good, and there are opportunities to start your own business and work for yourself. However, there is an ugly side to being an electrician. This video discusses some of the worst aspects to being an electrical contractor.

The first tough part is that you have to wake up very early. Oftentimes electricians wake up within the range of 3-6am. That’s right. You may need to wake up at 3:30am for work. You may also need to work a night shift, but that is much less common.

There is also the work environment. Electricians don’t just work in nice and climate-controlled homes. They also do wiring during the construction of buildings and this takes place out in the open air. During the cold winter and the dog days of summer, being an electrician can take a toll.

You may also have to work in indoor locations that are dirty, cluttered, and greasy. Electricians work in low-traffic areas of buildings for most of the time, like basements and closets. These locations will build up dirt, dust, and other unpleasantries like pests that you will be exposed to.

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