The Main Reason Your Business Isn’t Reaching The Customers It Needs To Thrive

Electronic marquee signs

Do you have some fantastic products to offer customers? What about reliable and friendly services? If you want to increase your client base and nudge your brand further down the path of success, you need to give your customers-to-be the right sign. A strong sign presence is the difference between a business that enjoys steady revenue and positive reviews and a business that can’t even keep up with the stragglers at the bottom of the pool. This can mean making sure your marquee signs for schools are more up-to-date and flashy or just putting your LED signs in a clever location that’ll be viewed time and time again by newcomers and regulars alike. Don’t keep going without a good sign to hold you down. Let these five tips steer you in a better direction.

Help Customers Find Your Business

Many customers-to-be would actually not find a business if not for the sign. How about that for motivation? A recent study saw 35% of people saying they wouldn’t have known about a business at all if not for the billboard or wall sign nearby. Another study saw 85% of a business’ customers either living or working within a five-mile radius. Don’t leave a huge chunk of your client base in the dust. Show them the light!

Try The More Flashy Signs

That wasn’t just a metaphor, by the by. LED signs are one of the best modern options for marketing around. Professional designers have projected that, by the time 2019 rolls around, LEDs are estimated to achieve a stunning 53% penetration of the global lighting market. In other words, the time has never been better to upgrade your marquee signs for schools and give them a little razzle-dazzle. Outdoor LED signs are bold, engaging and come in a variety of different colors and light patterns.

Go For The Smart Designs

Now, now. Let’s not get too flashy with marquee signs for schools. When it comes to commercial design, the old adage ‘less is more’ has never stopped holding true. Your signs should have no more than two or three colors, allowing customers to get a strong first impression from one or two seconds’ worth of looking. Too many colors, patterns or pictures is nothing more than a cluster of noise, that of which can turn people away to the competition. Over 70% of people will frequently look at messages on roadside billboards, both traditional and digital.

Save Your Money Even As You Spend

You can save money even as you shell out your hard-earned cash for marquee signs for schools, GSA signs and outdoor LED displays. How does that work? Consider other forms of advertising. While getting your name out there whatsoever is a good idea, there are better and worse ways to go about it. The value of an on-site sign has been found to be the same as 24 full-page newspaper advertisements on an annual basis. Another 30% of poll respondents say they visited the retailer they saw on a billboard later that week. Not bad prospects at all!

Create A Better Sign Today

Don’t even bother with other forms of marketing or design overhauls until you get your sign in gear. A good sign will help direct newcomers to your business, encourage repeat customers to give your business another visit and will create a much better future for your brand than if you had attempted to go on word-of-mouth alone. Over 60% of respondents to a marketing poll over the age of 18 said they learned about events or restaurants they wanted to attend through billboards. Replacing a store front wall sign with a larger sign? Proven to improve revenue by 8%. Give your brand the best chance possible. Implement a great sign and watch the dollars flow in.

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