Get the Most from Your Electronic Signs for Business with These 5 Tips

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Your business signage is an important part of your marketing plans. Nearly 35% of consumers admit they find businesses because of the signs they see outside and will say they would not have found those businesses had the signs not been there. For brick and mortar operations, nearly 85% of the people who frequent the business live nearby. This works for large and well known companies as well as small “mom and pop” stores. Nearly 17% of people who shop at Best Buy, for instance, go in because they saw the iconic sign out front. If you are looking to increase the leverage of your signage, switching to electronic signs for business may be just the thing.

5 Tips for Using Electronic Signs for Business:

  1. Use movement to draw attention to your signs. One great thing about digital signs for business is that you can make the most of the electronic nature of the signs by incorporating movement into your designs. Your customer and client base may not be made up of T Rex who only see things when they move but movement can attract the eye so use that to your advantage. You can use video services like YouTube on your signs, put in live television or have feeds from news sites. Add movement that makes sense for your brand. If you are pet store, put up cat videos on your signs. Make your signs something people want to watch.
  2. Make your text matter. The test that is used in any signage needs to make sense and be easy to read. Nothing about this changes with an electronic sign for business. If your test does not work for your brand, change it so that it does. You need to make it compelling but also easy for customers to read. You only have a few seconds to grab people’s attention so if your text is jumbled or the font is overly complicated, you will lose people before you got them.
  3. Use color well. When you are working on any signage, you have to think a about your color choices. As with your text, your colors should be bright and attractive but the color pattern should also be simple. Take into consideration where your electronic sign for business will be seen. What are the other colors? If it is inside, what are the wall and furniture colors? You need to make the colors of your sign work with the colors that are around it. One great thing about your outdoor led business signs is that you can make changes easily. If something is not working, do not be afraid to change it.
  4. Do not lose sight of your goal. You have a goal you want to achieve with your electronic signs for business. When you are designing your electric business signs, keep that goal in mind. Are you looking to get more attention for your business? Drive more people in the door? If you run a restaurant, are there specials you want people to try? Consider giving people who mention your sign a discount. If you run a pet store, maybe you want to educate people about flea protection. Never lose sight of what you want your sign to do for you and your business.
  5. Use great images. If you can, a really nice touch is to add real photos and images of your business and your customers or clients. If you run a pet store, and can include pictures of your customers’ pets, that can add a personal touch that can go a long way. You do not need to curate a large collection to make a personal sign display.

If you put some time and effort into it, you can really see results from your electronic signs for business. You can also really have a lot of fun with your signage. By using moving components like video and other feeds from around the web, you can create an interactive space that people want to look at. This will help you raise awareness of your brand and boost your bottom line. Take some time and see what works and you will be happy with your electronic signage.

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