Small Town Memories Travel Across the Country

It’s a small world.

This morning, you kept meeting the same couple going through the aisles at the grocery store. When you met the couple in the canned soup aisle, I noticed that the female was wearing a purple and gold windbreaker, and it reminded me of the colors of your alma mater.

Two aisles later, you told them, “You know we’ll be meeting like this in every aisle throughout store.”
The next time you met the husband pointed to your state sweatshirt and asked if I was from there. I said yes, originally. They were too, he said. “Where from,” you asked?
“Omaha,” he said. I said, “Me too. Well, just a few miles west, actually. I grew up in Waterloo.”

“No way, we are really from Waterloo, too,” he said.
Turns out they were a couple who used to own one of the construction companies along the highway that runs through Waterloo. Your conversation quickly went from conversations about one construction project to another and from one name of shared acquaintances to another. This couple moved to Alaska more than 15b years ago, a couple of years after you arrived here. You talked about how often each of you get back to Omaha, about the new trend of luxury lake homes in Waterloo, as well as the recent flooding and the new elementary school.

It is strange to think that his wife’s windbreaker, which was actually featuring the colors and logo of a professional team not your shared high school, took you back to your hometown today before you even started talking.

As you left the store, you then noticed that there were delivery trucks pulling trailers from the midwest as well. The transportation of goods to a state like Alaska is complicated to say the least, but in the current economy of the pandemic it is especially so. Fortunately, with access to resources like commercial factoring companies, trucking factoring services, and other options businesses are able to survive and consumers are able to access the majority of the products they want.

Commercial Factoring Companies Help Connect Goods to Consumers

Whether you are shopping at a familiar grocery store with faces that you have known forever or you are meeting the faces of strangers as you weave our way through the store, it is difficult to not notice that there are still gaps on the shelves. Your favorite kind of chicken broth, for instance, may be missing and you have to substitute with another brand. On the flip side, of course, are all of the items that are available. Every one of these items has a complicated transportation story of how it arrived on the shelf. And while there have been years of taking these items for granted, more and more Americans are looking toward the trucking industry to keep America moving. Literally.

Commercial factoring companies provide short term loans known as Invoice factoring that is a type of accounts receivable financing that converts outstanding invoices due within 90 days into immediate cash for a small business. These providers can help small businesses bridge invoice payment gaps with upfront payments up to 90% of the original invoice. And on a much larger scale, international factoring services provide similar resources. It is interesting to note that the monies provided by commercial factoring companies and other similar providers like local transportation factoring companies are often used on a monthly basis, especially when companies are trying to navigate unpredictable times and schedules like those caused by the pandemic.

Knowing that businesses are able to find their own resources to expand their business when needed has been especially important. And while many Americans know that there are nearly 28 million small businesses in the U.S., not every consumer understands all of the complications that are involved in running those businesses.

Since the pandemic many of the routines that consumers have followed in the past have changed. From the way that groceries are purchased to the limitations caused by shortages of some products. A leisurely walk through the aisles of a major grocery store, for instance, can seem like at least one thing is returning to normal.

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