Reviewing the Purpose of Summons and Subpoenas

The long arm of the law is exactly that, and often those arms look like the process of a summons or subpoena. The reach and extent of that legality can be witnessed in the act of serving foreign subpoenas, and as the attached video points out, this reach of the courts can be used for several purposes too. If you ever get a summons or subpoena to appear in court, then there are three potential reasons you are being served a notice to appear.

Video Source

One common reason for getting served with a summons is to begin a case. The process of serving subpoenas is one of the initial steps to getting that done. Another common reason is to find information or gather testimony either in the process of an investigation, as a witness, and so on. One other common reason why the courts serve people with a subpoena is when their presence is required by the court.

It doesn’t matter if the court is serving foreign subpoenas, fact-finding, or holding a trial, people should remember that these are not requests but legal mandates. Fortunately, as the video also highlights, there is legal guidance available if you get a subpoena or summons and need advice. So, talk to an attorney if you have any questions, and good luck in court.


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