Every Business Owner Should Stay in Touch With These Companies

Businesses have over 1000 aspects that all need attention to keep everything running efficiently. As a business owner, you can’t possibly do them by yourself. If you tried, they would cost more time than the actual production and selling, and the business would run down quickly. According to Fundera, business owners work an average of 38.6 hours weekly, which isn’t enough to get everything done.

While most business activities require internal processes, resources, and employees, some tasks need outsourcing to external companies. That way, you save time, money, and effort, and most importantly, reduce your management workload. Identifying and maintaining relationships with the right commercial services to hire is crucial, especially during emergencies.

Below, we will elucidate the various commercial services every business owner should stay in touch with.

Cleaning Company

Businesses with large offices or warehouses and those in the food industry often require regular cleaning. It involves general dusting, bathroom sanitation, carpet cleaning, and even disinfection of surfaces. Large kitchens or food processing facilities also include cleaning the greasy and smoky chimneys and air vents.

While you could hire and retain an internal employee to do this cleaning, it would force you to buy cleaning equipment and supplies. You also need to maintain and repair them, increasing your operational costs. Not to mention, cleaning is not a daily requirement for most businesses, meaning you would be paying monthly salaries for idle time.

Your best bet would be to outsource to commercial cleaning services. The only thing you have to do is make calls and schedule regular cleaning sessions. These companies invest heavily in equipment, special tools, and personnel to provide thorough cleaning services. According to Home Guide, commercial cleaning services cost $0.8 – 0.2.

However, when looking for commercial services to hire, you must vet them before onboarding one or two. That way, you are sure they can handle your cleaning needs. Some specialize in a particular area, especially chemical industries, while others are general cleaners.

Generator Company

Standby generators offer power backup and save many businesses from grounding to a halt when power goes off. While some industries, such as machine shops, can tolerate a few blackouts, others, like food processors, can not. If cold rooms and freezers stopped working, it could mean irreversible losses. The same applies to the medical and laboratory industries.

While generators are lifesavers, they do not last forever. From time to time, they will have problems that require technicians. It could be a simple oil change or a new component installation. For those reasons, generator companies are one of the most crucial commercial services to hire.

Commercial generator repairs are part of the maintenance that keeps your generator in top-notch condition. You don’t have to wait until it’s broken when you need it most to start looking for a repair company. Keep a few contacts for generator service companies, close for regular checkups and on rainy days.

This repair company can help detect issues before they turn to expensive part replacements. That way, you avoid the inconvenience and reduce your business operational costs. They even help prolong its lifespan.

Roofing Company

Commercial buildings like large warehouses have massive roofs that require professional attention occasionally. In the case of metal roofing, they can start leaking due to rust, creating puddles on the floor. A roofing company should be at the top of your list when looking for commercial services to hire.

The leakages can cause water damage to the entire building structure and the goods and property inside. If the building has spray foam roofing, it can peel or weaken with time. While the signs of damage may not be obvious, if left unattended for long, the damage can extend to the entire roof. While delegating minor roof repairs to your internal handypersons is easy, some tasks are beyond them.

You need to have contact with a local commercial roofer for various roofing issues. Once you have a trusted local roofer, maintenance becomes easy. They can detect problems early enough before they damage your entire roof and cause inconveniences. They also know the best roofing materials to use depending on your type of building and budget.

A commercial roofing installer can help install a new roof if you need to change to another material. It can also provide routine maintenance services to keep your roofs in good condition. The experts charge $5-17 per square foot of steel roof, according to Forbes.

Garage Door Company

Another crucial commercial service to hire that should be on your contact list is a garage door company. Large warehouses and buildings often have loading docks, which require functioning garage doors. They must be in optimal conditions to avoid inconveniences when unloading or loading goods ready for the markets. While you might have security personnel, you need garage doors in good condition to prevent possible theft.

A reliable commercial garage door company contact can help avoid costly emergency repairs. Usually, these doors experience issues such as jamming and wearing out of rollers and tracks. Sometimes, your trucks may hit them while reversing for loading, leading to damage. Other times, the motor just breaks down.

If you have a regular maintenance schedule, a professional can detect and fix issues before they become costly. You can schedule routine maintenance where they lubricate the door hinges, replace broken springs, and service any other faulty components. That way, your doors will remain in good working condition for longer in emergencies such as attempted break-ins or accidents that damage garage doors. A trusted commercial service company will have you sorted out within no time.

Garage door companies often have extensive experience and knowledge of these doors, having worked on them for years. They know the merits and demerits of different types of commercial garage doors. Therefore, they can advise you on which one to install, between mechanical and automated opening.

Lawn Maintenance Company

Apart from keeping the inside of your facility clean and tidy, the outside appearance is also crucial. It gives an excellent first impression on clients and visitors while maintaining a professional appearance. While it won’t add any dollars to your business accounts, it speaks seriousness to what you do.

If your commercial building sits on large land, the surrounding lawn should always be in excellent condition. Hence, one of the essential commercial services to hire should be a lawn maintenance company. Even if it’s a small area, it should be addressed. While your customers and partners may never notice how tidy it is (they expect it), they will see when it’s not.

Hiring a commercial lawn maintenance company is the easiest way to keep your facility’s exterior clean and appealing. They provide various services, from mowing, trimming, weeding, and fertilizing. They will even help you control pests and insects that may damage your beautiful lawn.

Besides saving you the time and effort of maintaining your lawn by yourself, hiring a professional company guarantees quality services. You don’t have to worry about investing in expensive equipment or chemicals for the maintenance work. They come with their tools, knowledge, and experience to give you an immaculate lawn.

Plumbing Company

Extensive facilities like warehouses and buildings have complex plumbing systems that require regular maintenance. The series of pipe connections and water tank systems can be overwhelming to keep track of. The drainage and sewerage systems require regular maintenance to prevent blockages and backflows.

Plumbing disasters in commercial buildings can cause significant damage. It could flood your workspace and destroy all your files and electronics, including your goods. It could even force you to close the facility for a few hours or days while waiting for the issues to get fixed. If you operate on tight deadlines, you could lose revenue.

Plumbing issues are way too common. Finding leaking pipes, broken fixtures, or facets in commercial buildings is not strange. If left unchecked, they can inflate your water bills.

A plumbing company should be among the top priorities when considering which commercial services to hire. They can sort out plumbing issues like fixing leaks, drain cleaning, and repairing water tanks. They help maintain your facility’s water systems in top condition, avoiding emergencies such as flooding or contamination.

If your business has water pump systems for irrigation or other purposes, you know that they often experience problems such as motor breakdowns. A commercial plumbing service company that can fix these issues quickly could be the difference between a lost day and a seamless workflow. They will also help with maintenance services to ensure the pumps are in top shape.

Duct Cleaning Company

HVAC systems are vital in ensuring your workplace is conducive for you and your employees. Apart from heating and cooling, it also cleans the air by removing dust, debris, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. While most of these particles get trapped by the air filters, some enter the air ducts.

Over time, contaminants accumulate in the ductwork and may even enter your working space, lowering indoor air quality. When you and your employees inhale this airborne contaminant, it can cause respiratory health problems such as asthma, allergies, or other respiratory infections. It also reduced airflow, forcing the HVAC to work harder than necessary.

The solution is to clean the ducts. Include a duct cleaning company in your list of commercial services to hire. They will inspect and clean the air ducts after every year. Using specialized equipment, they remove all the trapped accumulated debris from the ducts, making it easier for your HVAC system to circulate clean air. It also reduces strain on the system, increasing its energy efficiency and lifespan.

Commercial duct cleaning companies can also identify possible leaks during routine cleaning. Such leakages often lead to loss of energy. That way, you can fix them before they inflate your monthly utility bills.

Water Softener Company

In some areas, businesses often use hard water. Hard water has a high mineral content, usually calcium and magnesium ions. While hard water is not necessarily a health hazard, it can be hard to drink. It is also a nuisance in commercial settings when used for washing and industrial processes.

Hard water often leaves behind layers of mineral deposits on surfaces such as sinks, pipes, and dishwashers. In the long run, this will damage your plumbing system, reducing lifespan. It can also make cleaning tasks like removing stains from floors difficult. Another issue with hard water is that it makes soaps and detergents less effective. That means you have to use more of it when cleaning, which can be costly in the long run.

If your business relies heavily on detergents such as laundry, a large ticket size will impact your profit margins significantly. To avoid all these issues, add a water softener company to your list of commercial services to hire.

They install commercial water softener systems and provide maintenance services to ensure your business has a constant supply of soft water. You will use less soap and detergents with soft water and achieve better cleanliness. It reduces your monthly expenses and prolongs your plumbing system’s lifespan.< According to Sustainable Man, water softeners in business settings enhance overall efficiency.

Ice Machine Company

In business settings such as restaurants, bars, and hotels, commercial ice machines are essential to business operations. They provide a constant supply of ice for drinks and food storage. However, just like any other equipment, they require regular maintenance.

Most Americans have gone without their favorite drink in a restaurant due to a broken ice machine at one point in their lives. It’s even popular in memes and social media. Such situations make you lose customers and potential profits. It is, therefore, crucial to have an ice machine company on your list of commercial services to hire.

If not well maintained, ice machines develop issues such as clogged filters or mold growth inside the machine. The minor problems accumulate, leading to a total breakdown when you need the machine most. You can avoid them by scheduling regular maintenance with a professional ice machine company.

A maintenance company will inspect, clean, and repair any issues before the machine breaks down. That way, your business runs smoothly without any unexpected interruptions. They also recommend necessary upgrades or replacements to ensure your ice machine is always in top condition.

Businesses need to have a list of reliable commercial services to hire in case of emergencies or routine maintenance. Many things could go wrong in a commercial building, so having a professional on a fast dial is necessary. Ensure you research reputable companies and add them to your list.

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