People Everywhere Agree Clamshell Packaging Is The Worst

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Are some types of packaging more cumbersome than helpful? People all over the world are raising that question, and some are raising it after seriously injuring themselves while opening certain types of packaging, especially the infamous clamshell packaging. One U.S. marine, Eric Kent, 23, admits that — even though he escaped from combat unscathed — a clamshell package was enough to send him to the hospital, where he ultimately needed stitches.

Why Retailers Continue Using The Packages Everyone Hates

“The bottom line is the bottom line,” USA Today writes. “Retailers demand the hard-to-open packaging to avoid ‘shrinkage,’ or shoplifting, a problem that costs U.S. stores more than $10 billion a year or $25 million a day, according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention.” The hard plastic, molded pouches or sachets are heavy and bulky, which ultimately deters would-be shoplifters. It is possible, however, to make packaging consumer- and retailer-friendly. Blister packaging, for example, benefits consumers and distributors alike. What is blister packaging? Carded blister packaging is what you see with most over-the-counter medications. The packaging helps keep track of dosages for pharmacies and sellers and for the consumer as well.

The Trick To Opening Clamshell Packaging (No Stitches Necessary!)

The good news, however, is that you can open a clamshell package without bleeding, or — in worst cases — getting stitches. Although four out of 10 people hurt themselves on the packaging, there is a way to open these packages while reducing the likelihood of injury. Use a retractable blade, experts recommend. Others advise using a handheld can-opener, with protective handles and plastic guards.

Don’t needlessly injure yourself. Unfortunately, all packaging cannot be as convenient and easy to open as blister packaging. Safely open stubborn clamshell packages, however, by using a retractable blade that will not cut you, should something go wrong.

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