How Well Do You Know Medical Packaging

Medical packaging techniques

Finding the right package for a product is an important part of manufacturing and marketing, especially for medical products. Medical packaging design has to take into account the needs of patients in addition to factors that may affect the product, such as moisture or air-tight seals.

One of the most common types of medical packaging is pharmaceutical blister packaging. Blister packaging allows individual doses of medication to be packaged separately. This reduces the likelihood of contamination, and makes it easier for patients to determine whether or not they have taken a dose when scheduled. Blister packaging takes up very little space in a pocket or purse, and often has more space for instructions to be printed.

Medical packaging design for liquids originally involved bottles with childproof caps as the only option. Fortunately, single-dose packaging for liquid medicine is now a reality with individual pouches. Pouches are easier to open for senior citizens, and take away the need to measure dosage on a spoon.

Of course, bottle packaging designs aren’t just for liquid medication. Many prescription and over-the-counter medicines come in bottles instead of medical blister packaging, as they require less material during manufacture. Bottles are less likely to be punctured or cracked than other types of packaging, though they can be more expensive.

Some medical packaging designs will never be used by patients at all. These include single-use packaging and compartmentalized trays for syringes and medical tools. The trays and wraps allow the tools to be transported and kept in a sterile environment. Some trays even carry implants and other important devices, like pacemakers.

Medical packaging design is important for patients’ safety and convenience. Whether it is an easy-open cap for seniors or a childproof blister card, medical packaging is created with patients in mind. As medicine continues to evolve and change, so will its packaging, making medication easier for patients all over the globe.

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