Need Facility Decommissioning for Your Office Move? Follow These Steps for a Stress-Free Relocation

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Are you moving your business to a new space? Every year, companies across the country choose new office space to upgrade or downsize, and many of them run into the same problems. Overall, being ill-prepared for a commercial move can lead to all sorts of negative effects for business owners, from pushing back the re-opening date to delaying the move altogether.

When relocating, the best tip that any professional can offer is to stay organized. One of the easiest ways to do that is to hire an office relocation service to break the process down into more manageable steps. Using a facility decommissioning service can turn the daunting task of moving an office from a logistics mess to the rewarding experience that it should be.

How might office moving companies help you begin this process? Here are a few steps to anticipate during your relocation:

    1. Determine your office’s changing needs. Businesses that are expanding will have a lot more square footage to work with. Those that are downgrading, however, may have to figure out where to cut corners. Have a clear idea of the square footage and layout of the new building and develop a supply checklist from there.

    2. Get your employees involved in the planning. Once you’ve determined where you’re moving to, you should be able to show your workers blueprints and even photos, so they can see the new space’s layout. You can also put your employees in charge of moving their own personal items on their desks or other workspaces.

    3. Make use of facility decommissioning and office installation services. One of the easiest ways to move your furniture, IT systems, and other equipment is to leave it to the pros. Office furniture installation companies can tear down and set up your desks, cubicles, chairs, and other essentials in the old and new locations. A dedicated facility decommissioning team can move your phone and IT systems for you to ensure that nothing is lost or damaged in the process.

    4. Prepare for downtime, even if your’e not expecting it. Because an office move can take some time, it’s important to figure out how you and your workers can stay productive in the meantime. Utilize cloud storage as a way to let your employees work from anywhere, and see if you can offer incentives to work from home for those who are able to. Additionally, you can also see if your moving company will offer any storage or warehousing in the meantime, so you can get the essentials set up first.

Have you moved to a new office before? How did you make the process simple? Tell us in the comments section.

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