Make an Impact with Your Marquee Sign with These 5 Tips

Church marquee sign

If you have a “brick and mortar” business, you know how important your sign is. It has been reported that most people who frequent an establishment live or work less than five miles from its location. At least 85% of customers say this about the places they go and many only learn about a business because of its sign. As many as 35% say they find businesses because of the sign. Experts say that the ad equivalence of a business sign is 24 full page newspaper ads in a year. Making an impact with marquee signs for businesses is important. But what is the best way to do that?

5 Tips for Making an Impact with Marquee Signs for Businesses:

  1. Make your sign big enough to read. Many people do not spend a lot of time looking for or at marquee signs for businesses but when they are looking for them, they want to find them. That means your sign needs to be big enough to read from the street, when people are driving. There is a reason stores like Best Buy have such large signs. For them, 17% of their customers say they went in because they saw the big sign. If a big store like Best Buy needs a big commercial sign for people to find it, so do most companies.
  2. Make sure people can see it. It seems like a given that if you want people to see your sign, you will make it visible but sometimes things get in in the way of that plan and idea. As many as 64% of women who were between 18 to 24 years old said they had trouble finding a business they were looking for because they could not read the sign. The signs were either too small or were obstructed by power lines, trees or other distractions. This was reported in “Better Homes and Gardens.” When you place your sign, there may not be any obstructions but that may change over time so make sure you keep an eye on the foliage and whatever else springs up around the sign.
  3. Keep your message simple. You have a very short time to get your point across with commercial business signs. Your message needs to be as simple as you can make it. If people need to spend time processing your message, they probably will not bother. Remember, this is an important part of your marketing strategy and plan so make the message fit in with the rest of your materials and make it snappy and simple. If you can keep the number of words you use to seven or under, that is ideal. Communicate the most important part of your message. Remember, if you get people in the door, you can explain more or convince them of how great your business is. Make sure your font is also simple and easy to read.
  4. Be creative. You have a lot of options with marquee signs for businesses these days. LED business signs can be very attractive and draw people’s eye to your sign. Movement in a sign can make it stand out in certain areas so you may want to consider a scrolling marquee sign. You have a lot of ways to make your sign stand out, consider what is around your sign and think about what would stand out in your area but also have some fun with it.
  5. Check your sign at different times of the day. Does it get obscured by the sun during evening rush hour? That would be bad because so many people read signs while driving. Check out the way your sign looks at various times to make sure it is placed correctly and can be seen the way you want it to when you want it to. Nearly 70% of people say they decide where they are going to shop when they are in the car so if they are looking for what you sell and see your sign, you will probably get a sale from your sign.

Your sign is like a giant business card. Make sure yours is visible and attractive and it can help bring in business.

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