From Digital Signs To Marquee Signs A Look At The Importance Of Signage

Digital signs can be seen all throughout the United States, as billboards and as signage for individual stores. Digital signs of all kinds play a hugely important role for these businesses and brands, drawing customers in and enticing them to buy products and frequent stores. Without digital signs and other signage for businesses, the world would be a very different place indeed.

Consider, for instance, digital signs such as digital billboards. Digital billboards have become more and more prominent with the passage of time, though all types of billboards, digital or otherwise, remain highly effective. After all, more than one third of all people pay attention to just about every single billboard that they pass by, with more than 70% of all people paying attention to at least the most eye catching ones. And the impact of this is considerable, largely thanks to the fact that more than 65% (around 68%, to be just a bit more specific) of all people actually do much of their shopping (or planning for the shopping, to be again more specific) while still in the car. And with more than 30% of all people going to a retail location they had seen advertised on a billboard within a week of seeing said billboard, it is clear to see that the role of the billboard is a prominent one, something that can be said for traditional billboards as well as digital signs.

Digital signs like billboards can even draw attention and create interest in events. More than 55% of all adults in the United States have actually first learned about an event that they become interested in attending from a billboard. And the exact same percentage of people have actually learned about restaurants that they later went to in this very same way, even further proving the importance of traditional billboards and digital signs.

Digital signs can also be used directly outside of stores and retail locations, something that has also been shown to draw in customers. After all, the data is clear on this fact, showing that up to 35% of all customers only find certain stores because they see signs for them. And as many as 17% of all walk in customers at any given Best Buy location will be there because they were drawn in by the sign. The quality of said sign is also hugely important. Replacing such a sign for a newer model – and many will upgrade to digital signs at this point – will even drive up total overall revenue by more than 7%, as can adding such a sign in the first place.

But digital signs for businesses are not the only important signs out there. School LED signs and school marquee signs and all kinds of outdoor school signs play a hugely important role as well and can be found outside of schools in the entirety of the United States. School signage can be important in many different ways. For one thing, it can alert students and their parents to the dates on which the school will be closed, something that is certainly important to be very well aware of. In addition to this, a school sign board can make note of important events, from graduation dates to school concerts to sports games held at the school. Even various student accomplishments and achievements can be noted at any given time, from the athletic to the academic to the musical to the artistic.

Ultimately, many types of signs exist for many different purposes. Digital signs for businesses are hugely important but so too are scrolling marquee signs for school and signs for churches as well. Signs for government buildings are often essential, as are various signs for municipalities. All of these signs are vital, even though we perhaps don’t pay all that much attention to them in our conscious lives. For many people, signs kind of fade into the background – but this does not mean that we aren’t utilizing them in the course of our lives. Signs will be hugely important for much of the time that is ahead of us as well.

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