Learn the Key Principles for Good Web Design

Small business web design

This year, it is expected that mobile Internet use will bypass desktop Internet use. Good web design is key for businesses that rely on Internet marketing and sales. The best Internet marketing will focus on key principles for good web design.

Know Your User
In order to create a good web design, understanding how users interact with the Internet is important. Nearly ninety percent of mobile Internet users watch television while they are using their device. As users look at a website, they are scanning the information, not fully reading it. So, the quality of the content makes a difference as a good web design will catch the user’s attention and draw them in.

Keep it Simple
Users want to find what they are looking for and move on. A good web design is one in which information can be found quickly. Users tend to avoid websites requiring registration requirements. However, with targeted email marketing being a simple and inexpensive way to boost sales, some businesses will include email capture in their web design.

Methods Matter
There are two platforms that make up the operating systems on about seventy-five percent of the smartphones on the market. Good web design will consider both platforms to make sure content is compatible with the majority of devices. Social media is important for customer retention. For small business web design, including links to social media accounts and feeds are important features.

In this new electronic age, good web design can make or break a business. Users want the answers to their questions quickly and without having to jump through hoops to get it. Understanding the principles of good web design is the first step in creating a website users will return to time and again.
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