It All Points to the Signs Make Your Sign Work For You!

Full color led signs

Innovation is the name of the game for any business owner. Forward thinking and creativity can help a business make its mark in today’s marketplace. It can feel tough to compete with everyone else out there, but outdoor LED business signs can make it easy! Not only will outdoor LED business signs attract customers with their bright colors, they’re also often easily customizable, so their message can change at little cost to you! Paying for one sign that will last years is certainly a good investment and one that you’ll certainly be able to see pay off. Although outdoor LED business signs are often seen as signs for churches or signs for municipalities, other businesses, like banks, supermarkets, and gas stations also use them, and you can too! Make your message stand out brilliantly with your investment.
Getting Back to Basics
Even just a regular sign can be an important tool that aids your business. It marks where your business is located, tells customers what hours you’re open, how to get in touch with you, and perhaps even what you’re selling. Hair salons, for example, often list prices in the window, so that passerby can see it at a quick glance. A department store may hang “sale” signs in the windows to alert customers to discounted prices. Funny outdoor signs with drawings and colorful chalk can often draw customers into a bar, restaurant, or coffee shop. If not for signs, around 35% of people wouldn’t have even known a business was there!
Providing useful information upfront lets your customers know that you’re thinking about them and can make them feel less impatient or rushed, giving them a more relaxed feel as they browse your store — which can often mean good sales for you! Outdoor LED business signs are a great way to highlight that useful information so it’s the first thing customers see. Some businesses even include a clock or the temperature as a courtesy to guests!
Just Follow the Signs
Think about all the signs you see in your day. There’s a good chance you even remember a few distinct signs — and those might be places you keep in mind if you need a service or product they offer. Those signs are helping drive the business’s revenue, by standing out. Scrolling marquee signs, full color LED signs, clever and colorful signs…these are all great ways to attract customers. Research has also shown that if you change or add a sign to your business, your sales have the potential to go up; putting up a bigger sign than the one you have currently have can increase revenue by almost 8%. People are guided by signs all day long — they tell us where to go, where to stop, what to pay attention to. Make sure your sign is pointing people to your business!
Paying for a billboard can also do you some good! Just about 60% of people who responded to a poll said that they learned about a restaurant from viewing a billboard sign and over 30% went to a retailer that was advertised on a billboard sign. As much as we like to think we discount those billboards when we drive, there’s some sticking power to them for sure!
Like previously mentioned, once you’ve purchased a sign, especially an LED sign, it’s there to stay for awhile! You can change the message on the sign without changing the sign itself, which gives it extra value and longevity. You can tailor messages for the community, holidays, or special events, which can give your business a more personal feel, which in turn can attract more local business. And because it’s a permanent fixture, people are sure to notice it. Around 40% of people said they looked at an outdoor sign whenever they passed it and over 70% noticed a roadside billboard, even if it wasn’t a conscious act.
It’s amazing what a simple sign can do — and with today’s technology, there are even more options for you to choose from! It’s a worthwhile investment that can certainly pay off for you!

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