Create an Eye-Catching Display With an Outdoor Electronic LED Sign

Full color led signs

It can be tough finding unique and appealing ways to stand out to customers without seeming kitschy or cheap. One of the primary ways customers are attracted to brick and mortar stores is through signs. Having outdoor LED business signs or a scrolling marquee sign could be ways to set you apart from other plainer signs. There are plenty of ways to make them stand out without being tacky. Full color LED signs are sure to be attention grabbing and draw customers into the vicinity of your store to take a closer look. If nothing else, your business’s name will get around if you have colorful or creative outdoor LED business signs! Research shows that having a sign at your store can produce the same results as placing 24 full page newspaper ads in one year — much less effort and presumably, it’ll reach a wider audience as well!
Will Outdoor LED Business Signs Really Make a Difference?
You may be surprised. Almost 40% of people say they’ll look at an ad placed outdoors whenever they pass by it. Considering that an estimated 85% of a company’s business comes from a five mile radius, it’s important to draw any new customers in and keep standards high for existing customers. Over 75% of customers said they went into a store or business that they’d never been in before because of the quality or cleverness of the signs. And around 35% of people wouldn’t have even known about a business if there hadn’t been a sign advertising it in the first place. Outdoor LED business signs are sure to catch someone’s eye and make them want to take a closer look at the goods or services being sold there.
Signs can also help inform customers about the contents of the store or what services may be offered before they even walk into the store. Almost 60% of consumers say they won’t go into a store if there’s no signs whatsoever. And almost 70% of consumers reported having bought a product or service because of a sign that got their attention. Additionally, 70% of consumers feel that the signs a business has reflects the quality of whatever it’s selling. For that reason alone, it would be important to have good signs — it’s another way to make a good impression right away.
Can Outside LED Business Signs Help My Revenue Stream?
Absolutely! Like mentioned before, word of mouth can be critical to a business’s health and many businesses are shared with friends or family because someone mentioned a sign they saw outside of a business to a friend. If you have a distinctive sign, the chances are better that your business will get referred on to someone else. Additionally, many testimonies show that people who have installed outdoor business signs have seen a huge spike in sales — at least 20-30%! It’s great for businesses who are more seasonal — it can help drive business even in the off season. The light from your sign can also help increase safety at night, eliminating dark areas on sidewalks or empty lots, so there’s an extra community benefit, which can help improve your standing in the community as well!
Who Should I Contact About Installing an Electronic Business Sign?
There are many businesses that specialize in electronic signs. You should do some research and explore your options. Do they have testimonials on their website? Are there extra costs for scrolling text or color? Do they offer installation services or a warranty? These are all important questions to ask about before purchasing an electronic sign. You can find many of these answers on their websites, but sometimes one of the best ways to get the information you need is to simply go into their physical store and ask an employee.
Make sure your business is standing out the way it should with an outdoor LED display. It can help attract customers, provide a service for the community, and effectively advertise your business. You’re sure to see an increase in revenue streams and interest if you expand your sign horizons!

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